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Commission Process            

Caroline Graley creates sculptures and water features that speak to the environments they inhabit be they building foyers, gardens or public spaces.  Working in residential, commercial and public settings, commissioned projects require Caroline to work closely with clients and collaborating design professionals from initial concept through installation, operation and conservation. The design, engineering and fabrication of all works and our team travels as necessary for on-site installation.  While every project is unique, the process usually follows the steps described below. Contact Caroline Graley for more information on commissions or to discuss a project.

1.Consultation/Site Survey

An initial site visit allows Caroline to appraise a setting as well as gain a deeper understanding of how her work can contribute to an overall vision. During and after the site visit, she is looking to become familiar with the client's or designer’s aesthetic sense and goals for a space, often referring to existing works of hers or of those in the client’s collection. This collaborative dialogue between artist and client often continues throughout the project. 


2.Initial Concept Sketches/Renderings

Emerging from the initial meeting and any subsequent dialogue or research, Caroline develops 2-5 concept directions in the form of sketches, renderings or photo composites. 


3.Preliminary Design

One or more concept sketches may have multiple iterations as they evolve through collaboration and feedback from the client. Based on this dialogue, one refined concept is developed into a preliminary design.


4.Full Proposal

Once the preliminary design has been refined and approved, the client is presented with a full proposal including final renderings, detailed drawings & plans, cost/budget, scope of work, timeline and contract. 


5.Fabrication & Installation

Most projects have a payment schedule with 2-4 phase payments depending on the scope and time frame of the project. While all projects vary, typical phases include design finalization/engineering/material ordering, studio fabrication & finishing, site preparation, and installation. Fabrication time frames can vary from 2-6 months depending on the scope of the project, the schedule of any corresponding work at the site, and the studio’s current fabrication schedule. 


6.Site Inspires Art

Caroline believes that a site-specific work must complement the setting that it inhabits while making a statement as a meaningful work of art. Once the vision for a project is established, she takes an holistic approach to design development and fabrication. Marquette models create a comprehensive presentation, plans and in-situ digital renderings assist clients and collaborators to clearly visualize the completed work in its environment. 

Vision Executed

All Caroline's works are fabricated in Melbourne, where time-honored metal fabrication techniques together with her own innovative approach to metal sculpture and an exceptionally high standard of craftsmanship. 


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