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This eleven metre long sculpture was designed to appear as if floating lightly on the surface of the lake in the gardens of Werribee Park Mansion in Melbourne Australia. This work echoes the form of an earlier sculpture 'Water Spirit' but in this instance the tail doubles back and wafts through the centre core of the structure. The surface decoration is again hand painted strokes in grey Auto varnish resembling the ripples on the surface of the surrounding water. Under still conditions an elegant mirroring of the structure enhances the lyrical elegance of the piece.

'Song of the Water Spirit' was a finalist in the Helen Lempriere Sculpture Award in 2006 and has since graced a hilltop on the beautiful coast line near Lorne, Victoria.

Song of the Water Spirit

Aluminium, Steel, Auto Varnish

11 x 2 x 2 metres

sculpture 6.JPG
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pic day of insallation 009.jpg
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