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Divers Three is one of a series of works exploring the theme of diving into and swimming under water. It is evocative of my early childhood fascination contemplating the play of dabbled sunlight in a neighbour's pool and memories of ocean beach frolics in the water and rock pools during long summer holidays. 

This installation consists of three compressed wire figures interwoven by an aluminium ribbon wave form, suspended in front of a gently swaying theatre cyc onto which a slide show of up to four hundred hand made slides are projected. The cyc was constantly moving due to industrial fans which gave the imagery a fluid animated appearance. This installation was exhibited in the Glass Cube 37 Gallery at Frankston Arts Center.

Divers 2 an earlier iteration using similar materials was exhibited as part of the Brilliant Refractions Multi-Media exhibition also at Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre.

'Divers Three'

Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre

Compressed steel wire, Aluminium, Auto varnish, lights, industrial fans, handmade slides

Dimensions - various

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GC 0430_7887-1_H004.jpg
GC 0430_7887-1_H011.jpg
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