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Inviting the audience into the multi sensory enjoyment of dance manifest in visual art.






Caroline is a contemporary Australian artist working across disciplines of drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, installation and video. Her work originates from a background in dance and addresses both the internal 'felt' sense of the subject as moving body and the external observed form. She revels in fluid organic line and sensuous colour.

From representation to abstraction gain insight into the works in progress, exhibitions, techniques of production and philosophy of art making.

Caroline is best known for her large outdoor steel and aluminium sculptures and multimedia installations. The dynamic forms of her works have evolved from movement of the human body whilst dancing.                                                          

As a long-time resident on the Mornington Peninsula, Caroline delights in the organic rhythms and beauty of its natural coastal environment. This together with her love of dance has fueled the spirit of her work. She is interested in finding visual expressions of her lived experience. 

Her work ranges from observational studies of the human form in paintings and drawings, emotionally charged abstractions to sculptural works in steel and aluminium, immersive multimedia installations and video.

Caroline has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions and has works in private and public collections across Australia. She has been a finalist in national art prizes such as the Helen Lempriere Sculpture Prize, Montalto Sculpture Prize, Portia Geach Portrait Prize and semi-finalist in the Moran Portrait Prize. Caroline has won awards for painting, drawing and sculpture. She has tutored for many years in the visual and performing arts.








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